I am an individual freelance artist.
All the content handcrafted by me for you absolutely free.

For created content I use tutorial from YouTube and other open educational platforms.
All content uses CC0 license.
CC0 - This license allows you to use the Textures, Models, Animations, HDRIs, Brushes and Other
content from GamePiggs website for any purpose, including commercial use, without attribution or permission.

The CC0 license is a public domain dedication that allows creators to waive their copyright and related
rights to their work worldwide. This means that anyone can use, modify, and distribute the work without
permission or attribution, including for commercial purposes. It is a way to make creative works
available to the public with the fewest possible restrictions.

The CC0 license is recognized in many countries and jurisdictions and is often used for creative works
that are intended to be freely available for public use, such as images, textures, music, and videos.
The CC0 license is considered a universal dedication, which means it is broadly applicable and can be used
for works in any country or jurisdiction.

One of the advantages of the CC0 license is that it eliminates the need for attribution or permission,
making it easy for people to use and modify creative works.